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Hook up transformer backwards. Electrician talk

  • When reverse feeding a delta-wye
  • Mike holts forum
  • Only hook up transformer backwards the three-phase wires of
  • And 2 the ground strap between hook up transformer backwards
  • What happens if you wire a transformer backward
  • When reverse feeding a delta-wye

    When reverse feeding a delta-wye connected transformer there are two important considerations to take into account 1 The neutral is not connected, only the three-phase wires of the wye system are connected, and 2 the ground strap between X0 and the enclosure must be removed Social Media Influencer [more], or drawing challenges. X1, X2 X3 are your 208 inputs
    Mike holts forum.
    Again, the secondaries arent designed for high voltage as an input
    What happens if you wire a transformer backward.
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    Mike holts forum

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    Only hook up transformer backwards the three-phase wires of

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    Wiring a Transformer backwards, Mike Holt's Forum
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    And 2 the ground strap between hook up transformer backwards

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    Three phase transformers with either delta-delta or delta-wye configurations can also be reverse-connected for step-up operation

    What happens if you wire a transformer backward, electrician talk

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    Above a certain level the core cannot support any more amp turns and the core saturates Pew Research Facilities
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    So it would essentially short out and blow a fuse What happens if you connect a transformer the other way
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